When Griezmann plays, there are 10 Barca players on the field


He was good at Atletico Madrid. Atletico’s fans were captivated by his great rhythmic football. But since signing for Barcelona in 2019, Antoine Griezmann has been spending time with good and bad. The previous rhythm is no longer in the performance.

If you spread light in one match, he will not be found in the next two matches. Griezmann has faced a lot of criticism in Barcelona in the last two years.

Because of this good and bad performance, Griezmann’s address is sometimes the bench. However, in the second leg match of the last 16 against PSG in the Champions League, the new coach of Barca, Ronald Koman, played him in the starting XI again.

But the French striker was lackluster in this match too. In that match in Paris, Barcelona drew 1-1 with PSG. Lionel Messi scored the equalizer for Barca. However, despite Messi’s great goal, Barca failed to reach the last eight with the result of two legs.

Former Barcelona striker Risto Styakov has been a little upset with Griezmann since that Champions League match. In rural Bangladesh, a child who is less able to play in an adult game is called ‘Dudhbhat’. “When Griezmann is on the field, Barcelona actually plays with 10 people!”

Griezmann could not form a partnership with Messi in the beginning after coming to Barcelona. At that time, many of Griezmann’s fans used to say that Messi could not actually take Griezmann as his own! Many would say again, Griezmann has a conflict with Messi.

This is how Griezmann’s first season in Barcelona ended. The discussions that have been going on since the end of last season have been overshadowed by the failure of Barca as a team and the fact that Messi has been sent to the bureau.

Now the Catalan club is talking more about Messi’s future. The Argentine star’s contract with Barca will expire in June. Negotiations on a new agreement have not yet begun.

Will Messi stay in Barcelona then? In the end, if Messi moves elsewhere, who will Barcelona take as his replacement? Will Griezmann be able to come out of his shadow and do something good when Messi leaves? In these discussions, Barcelona is also thinking of adding a good striker to the team.

“If Barcelona want to do something for a long time, then it is better to sell him (Griezmann),” he said. Trinkao and Brafet should be fielded regularly. And what is Griezmann doing here? Get more news from abdsportstv.com

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