Ronaldo is doubt about his child success

Ronaldo is doubt about his child success

Being a child of a famous father is a big risk. You have to stay under the burning glass for 24 hours, whether you can impress your father or not, whether you can respect your father or not is discussed. Someone breaks down under that pressure, like a spark in someone’s mind again, those discussions and criticisms give birth to motivation প্র motivation to do good.

Rohan Gavaskar, son of Sunil Gavaskar, John Bradman, son of Don Bradman, Jordi Cruyff from Johan Cruyff are part of the first team while Cesare Maldini-Paolo Maldini, Sukumar Roy-Satyajit Ray, Valentino Majola-Sandro Majoing are in the second team. But Cristiano Ronaldo’s son Cristiano Jr. will be part of which team?

It’s a big risk to guess right now. Little Ronaldo is only ten years old. Only time will tell whether he will be as successful as his father. But videos of his success for Juventus’ age-based team and his regular practice with his father have raised hopes among fans. Ronaldo himself can be optimistic? According to legendary boxer Khabib Nurmagomedov, Ronaldo himself is doubtful whether the boy will succeed or not!

Not only in the lightweight category of this famous UFC wrestler, but also in any category, the Russian star is considered as one of the best wrestlers in history.

He recently retired as the champion. His friendship with Ronaldo is not today. The Ronaldo-Khabib friendship was first revealed after the two stars were released together a few days ago. But the way Khabib has spoken openly about Ronaldo in a recent interview, it can be said that the friendship between the two is not today.

In an interview with Russian YouTube star Krasava, Khabib said of Ronaldo-Sakha, “We talk almost every day. I talk a lot with each other. When we first met, the topic of our discussion was, where do we get this motivation to win regularly, that’s it. ‘

Speaking to a friend, Khabib learned of his friend’s biggest fear, ‘Ronaldo wants his son to let him go. When Cristiano was young, his dream was to get a pair of boots. Her son doesn’t have those problems. ‘

Ronaldo fears that Cristiano Jr. may not be as successful as he is, fearing that his son may not be as eager to win as he is. There will be no desire to win.

The greatest controller of the success of successful people is this joy. When you get everything from a young age, it becomes difficult to get that inspiration. ‘

Cristiano Ronaldo is still struggling all his life to prove whether or not his father’s fears are real! Get more news from

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