The coach is leaving the responsibility for whom Messi was crying

Messi was crying

18 years. Long time. Joachim Loew’s relationship with the German national football team is not what it is today. He was the assistant coach for the first two years, then became the head coach himself. During these 17 years, he was the master of thousands of ups and downs of Klose, Ozil, Lam, Schweinsteiger, Cruz, and Nayyar.

Eventually he is going to end the relationship. Louvre is stepping down from the German national team after the end of the upcoming Euros, the German Football Association has announced.

After taking over as head coach in 2007, he made the team the best in the world by winning the World Cup in 2014. In the final, Germany broke Lionel Messi’s dream and won their fourth title.

The German football association said in an official statement that the national team coach himself wanted to cancel the contract after the Euros, which would have ended after the 2022 World Cup. The German Football Association agreed with that decision.

“I am very proud to be the coach of the national team,” he said. I am very proud and grateful. But at the same time we have to be excited for the coming euro. I am proud, because this responsibility was special to me, it was an honor. I have worked with the best players in the world for 18 years. I have been able to be a partner in their rise. I am proud. ‘

Luv did not forget about his biggest success as a national team coach, ‘I have won something unforgettable for this team. There have been some difficult defeats. Not only did I win the 2014 World Cup, I witnessed many more great moments, which helped me to do better in a great environment. ‘

“We have full respect for the decision of Joachim Loew,” said Fritz Keller, president of the association. The association knows what he has done for our team. He is one of the best coaches in the world.

Not only sound education but his alertness and dedication too are most required. The fact that he told us about his decision so long ago is a very wise decision. Now the association will be able to find its successor. Get more news from

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