Messi is not facing Neymar


Neymar has returned to PSG practice from injury. Everyone thought that the French club would get the Brazilian star in the return leg of the last 16 of the Champions League.

But PSG has informed today that Neymar will not be fielded in the return leg. The League One champions want to take any risk by fielding him earlier.

Without Neymar in the first leg, PSG brought a 4-1 victory from Barca’s Camp Nou. The club’s forward Killian Mbappe scored a great hat trick.

PSG will face Barca in the return leg on Wednesday night. Neymar injured his leg in the match against Cayenne in the French Cup on 10 February.

He raised everyone’s hopes by returning to practice before the return leg of the Champions League. A few days ago, however, PSG coach Mauricio Pachettino himself raised everyone’s hopes.

He spoke of the potential return of Neymar, saying: “I am just happy to be here. Let’s see how he recovers in the coming days, whether he can be in the squad against Barcelona at all. ‘

But PSG decided not to play Neymar after a meeting with the squad ahead of the return leg of the Champions League. In a statement, the club told the media: “Neymar had a partial training session last week. Personally he will practice more to get fit. An assistant will also be provided.

“This is the reality,” PSG coach Pachettino confirmed at a news conference ahead of the return leg. Neymar will not be in a position to play tomorrow because of his fitness. There is no shortage of his efforts to return to the team. But we are sorry that we are not able to get him back as soon as possible. “

PSG did not get Neymar in six matches. Pachettino’s team did not get him in four matches in the league, one match in the French Cup and one match in the Champions League. PSG did not feel the lack of Neymar as they won all five matches.

It was Neymar who killed PSG’s dream a few years ago. Then of course he is a Barą¦¾a star. Despite a good win against Barcelona in the first leg, PSG were knocked out of the Champions League after an incredible 7-1 defeat in the second leg.

They won the first leg 4-1 against Barcelona. Whether Barcelona did something incredible in the second leg or not, everyone’s eyes are there now. Get more news from

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