Why is Messi dreaming of Laporta?

Messi dreaming of Laporta

The return of Juan Laporta as the new president was apparently the best solution for Barcelona, ​​as everyone understood. Like ‘Open Secret’, almost everyone knew that, no matter what, Laporta had no choice but to remain president to retain Lionel Messi, the most successful child in the club’s history.

No matter how much the other two candidates, Viktar Font and Tony Freixa, do it!

Where outsiders understand, Barারa members do not understand? In order to save the boat named Barca from sinking, they have handed over the responsibility of the presidency to Laporta again. The goal is the same, to bring the golden time back to the club.

This is what Laporta brought back when he was the first president of Barca for seven years from 2003.

But why is Barcelona relying so much on Laporta? Let’s look back a little.

When Laporta, a lawyer by profession, ran in the 2003 Barca presidential election, no one imagined he would win. Instead, everyone assumed that Luis Basat would be the next president of Barcelona. That was the popularity of Basat.

But Palla leaned towards Laporta for two reasons. One. Laporta announced that he would bring in English midfielder David Beckham from Manchester United if selected.

Two. Club legend Johan Cruyff publicly backed Laporta. Cruyff also worked unofficially as Laporta’s consultant.

Laporta also had a diverse personality and eloquence. In the end, Barca members chose Laporta as the successor to Juan Gaspart and Jose Luis Nunes. Barcelona relied on Laporta’s youth in place of old and aging leadership.

But Khan Laporta stumbled at the beginning of the presidency. Within a week of taking charge, Beckham signed for arch-rivals Real Madrid, not Barcelona.

Beckham even told a news conference before joining Real that he had spoken to Laporta but had not agreed to move to Barca. A big push, of course.

Laporta signed Brazilian winger Ronaldinho from PSG to defend.

The Brazilian midfielder has just won the World Cup. He was undoubtedly talented, but his career in club football was not as bright as Beckham’s.

Laporta also wanted Arsenal striker Thierry Henrique. Henri, who was floating for the title at Arsenal at the time, did not want to come to Barca without winning a title for five years.

It is said that Laporta wanted Ronaldinho’s face to cool the fans in some way. Ronaldinho may not have realized that his presidency would be one of the greatest success stories of his life.

Not only new players, but at the suggestion of Johan Cruyff, Laporta brought in Dutch legend Frank Rijkaard to coach the team. Before coming to Barca, Rijkaard’s coaching career was not very bright.

Therefore, the Barca supporters could not be very happy with his appointment. But it took only one season to silence the skeptics about Laporta, Ronaldinho or Rijkaard.

After a season, the Laporta-Rijkaard-Ronaldinho trio started bringing one title after another to Bara. Although Laporta did not win anything in the first season, Barcelona won the league for two consecutive seasons.

Also won the 2008 Champions League. Not only Ronaldinho, but also stars like Samuel Eto’o and Deco started coming to the team one by one.

Another success during Laporta’s presidency was the gradual development of the club’s academy, La Masia.

Lionel Messi’s ‘Messi’, Gerard Pique, Sergio Busquets, Xavi Hernandez, Andres Iniesta, Pedro’s arrival in the main team during this Laporta.

This time around, Barca fans can be optimistic that the Academy’s Ansu Fatti, Ilaish Moriba, Ricky Puch, Oscar Mingesa, Oriole Busquets, Alex Colado, Conrad de la Fuente, Matthews Pereira, Yandro Oriola and more You will get a chance to show it.

Will be the next Xavi-Messi-Iniesta. In other words, Laporta is much more qualified than anyone else to form a team, to formulate and implement an ideal sports project.

The word ‘sports project’ hides a lot of hope from Barca supporters. There was no sports project under former Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu to build Barcelona into a team that could compete at the top of field football all the time again.

The fact that Messi wanted to leave the team last August is because Barcelona does not have a specific sports project!

In the last few months, it has been heard in the Spanish media that Messi will only renew his contract if he likes the sports project and plans of the newly elected president of Bara.

The Argentine forward himself said in an interview last January that he would wait until the end of his contract in June, even if he was legally free to talk to any other club. Laporta will be able to present a sports project of choice to Messi, this is the hope of Barca fans.

Laporta has repeatedly claimed in his election campaign that Messi would not be at Barca if someone other than him were president. And when reporters ask after tomorrow’s election, ‘Will you talk to Jorge Messi (Leo Messi’s father, his agent too) tomorrow?’

Laporta replied, ‘Why tomorrow? I can talk today! ‘ He later said that he will meet the captain of the team in a few days with a new contract to keep Messi in the team.

Laporta will persuade Messi to cut his salary at Barca, which is in debt, and persuade him to explain his sports plans, according to Spanish media. Now it remains to be seen whether Laporta’s project is Messi’s choice! Get more news from abdsportstv.com

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