Messi will stay at home and Ramos stay at home himself


Sergio Ramos has spoken openly about the future of Lionel Messi. Barcelona wants the Argentine star in Real Madrid – the Spanish media has published the news. He also said that if Messi signs up for Real Madrid, it will take time for him to find a good home.

He agreed to keep the Argentine captain at home for a while! The question of Ramos’ own future has come up since the last words about Messi’s future.

Just as Messi’s current contract with Barcelona expires in June, so does Ramos’ current contract with Real Madrid. Just as Messi has yet to negotiate a new deal with Barcelona, ​​so has Ramos.

Even after Real captain Ramos invited Messi to sign for the Santiago Bernabeu, is he staying at Real? Real Madrid has been ‘home’ for Ramos, who grew up at the Sevilla academy, for 17 years. He is probably the biggest ‘Madridista’ in Real’s squad at the moment! Will that Ramos stay at home?

Earlier, Ramos had given a different hint. Before the injury, he said, the PSG authorities were thinking about him and Messi. There was a rumor after his words that the Paris team wants Neymar and Mbappe to be in the team together!

However, Ramos did not want to say much about the matter at that time. This time he is talking about Messi. That is why there are new rumors about his future.

The Real captain, however, locked his mouth in answer to that question. Ramos has faced many questions after attending the premiere of the six-episode documentary ‘The Legend of Sergio Ramos’ about his career on Amazon.

There he said, ‘I would be happy to say something about my future. But everything is the same. There is no news about the renewal of the contract. I hope I can let you know if anything happens. ‘

At the moment, he is more concerned with returning to the field after recovering from an injury than with the future. Real are well on their way to the quarter-finals with a 1-0 win over Atalanta in the first leg of the last 16 of the Champions League.

However, Zinedine Zidane’s team is a little behind at the moment in the league title fight.

Ramos wants to make Real happy to win the title this season, saying: ‘I am stable at the moment. I am thinking of returning to the field and winning the title. Ramos has returned to practice with the team after recovering from injury.

The Real Madrid captain is happy to be back from injury at this crucial time of the season, ‘I am finally back with the team. The most important time of the season is coming. I want to help the team by playing well. Hopefully we can win a big title. And I will be able to dedicate that to the supporters. ‘ Get more news from

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