Mbappe is in real Now!

Mbappe is in real Now

Real is not trying to bring the best players in the world to its team today. From the early Alfredo Di Stefano to Hugo Sanchez, then Ronaldo-Zidane-Figo-Beckham, to the current Ramos-Benzema; Real is the best player ever seen, brought in or tried to bring to the team.

Now, for example, Real’s only goal in the transfer market is to bring in French World Cup-winning striker Killian Mbappe and Norway’s Arling Harland. Every team in the Corona era is in a financial crisis, and rich clubs like Real are no exception. For this reason, Real is not able to buy MBAP even after holding a few transfer windows.

Mbopp’s contract with PSG is awaiting extension. The reason is not difficult to predict, as the term of MBAP’s contract with PSG will continue to decrease, so will the price of MBAP.

PSG will not be able to ask for skyrocketing prices. Meanwhile, Mbappe himself may have understood the matter. Real coach Zinedine Zidane has long been a role model for the French striker. His desire to play under Zidane has been with him for a long time.

So Mbappe is hesitant to increase the contract with PSG. But that so much for the change of team, if it is said that Real is already in Mbappe? So?

That’s what Real Madrid’s French left-back Farland Mendy’s spokesman has claimed. The gentleman’s name is Evan Lee. Said, his client leftbacks ‘mbappe’!

Mendi, who signed for Real Madrid from Olympic Lyon last season, did not get much chance in the first season due to Brazilian legend leftback Marcelo. But in the second season, Marcelo is showing a good glimpse of his chances of aging and lack of form.

Just like last week. The team won the first leg of the second round of the Champions League against Atalanta. That Atalanta, who has been making big clubs tremble for several seasons মৌ both in domestic competitions and in Europe. Since scoring the goal, the controversy over Mendi has increased many times over.

This time, Lee Mio got a chance to talk to him. Given the opportunity, he sang two praises of the client.

“Two years ago, I said he would be the leftback’s mbappe,” he said. And he proved me right, I didn’t say anything wrong. Playing for Real Madrid improves any player. At the moment, I don’t see much more leftback than Mendi. ‘

In an interview with the Italian media Tuttosport, he seems to have proved his ‘prophetic’ identity. But where did this spokesperson say two years ago to Mendy in the left-backs?

He will have to go back for an interview with France Football. Mendi had just signed for Real Madrid from Lyon. That’s when he compared Mbappe to his client, saying, ‘He’s good at defending as well as attacking. A quality that is very rare for fullbacks, especially for fullbacks of this age. And the leftbacks ‘mbappe!’

Lee Mir may think after this, since there is only one Mbappe in Real, and what is the need of Mbappe! Get more news from

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