Mbappe does well without Neymar


It has become regular since joining PSG. Neymar will be out of action from the end of February to the beginning of March due to injury. This year was no exception.

Neymar was injured while playing in the domestic cup before a crucial match with Barcelona in the last 16 of the Champions League. Once again, PSG has to enter the second round of the European competition without the most expensive player in the world.

However, Killian Mbappe is not letting Neymar’s absence be felt. The French forward gave PSG a 4-1 victory at Barcelona. He did a hat trick himself. PSG has survived well in the league. As a result, in the absence of Neymar, Mbappe became more active and played better. However, Markinios is angry at such a hint. To not believe the nonsense that has been told.

Neymar has been out of action since February 10. Six days later, Mbappe spread the light on the field of Barcelona. Even in the absence of someone like Neymar, Mbopp did not have a problem spreading panic at Camp Nou.

The media RTL had asked the PSG defender about this. The Brazilian defender was outraged by such negative comments about the compatriot forward, saying, ‘No, we can’t believe these stories. I see people talking about it. But these nonsense needs to stop. We want the best players to be with us all the time. You ask Killian, he will want Neymar to be by his side. ‘

Mbappe has played three matches in the league in Neymar’s absence. Mbappe has scored two goals. And he has scored three goals in one match against Barcelona in the Champions League. Earlier, Neymar did not play five consecutive matches in the league at one stage of the season due to injury.

Mbappe had two goals in four matches at that time. Neymar has been sidelined several times this season with injuries and bans. Mbappe scored four goals in three more matches from the start. In other words, Mbapp scored eight goals in 10 matches in which Neymar was not in the league. Having scored 16 goals in 23 league appearances, Neymar’s presence on the field does not affect Mbopp’s game.

Marquinhos has already seen Mbappe’s fame against Barcelona. But the PSG defender thinks it would be wrong to just look for Mbopp’s contribution, ‘Killian was in the match and did what he needed to do. But other players were also important in that match. When teams play well, personal performance is even better.

It (performance against Barcelona) boosted his confidence. It’s important for him to score three goals at Camp Nou, for us too. Everyone knows what he can do. We want to help him as much as possible. He leads the field through personality and skills. He played a great match.

PSG is now hoping to get Neymar alongside Mbappe in the March 10 match. Despite being sidelined for four weeks, coach Mauricio Pachettino hopes Neymar can return to the game. And when he returns, Neymar will surely show how well Mbappe plays when he is by his side. Get more news from

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