‘Lost notice’ for Ronaldo on the day he becomes a hero


When Cristiano Ronaldo left Real Madrid for Juventus, the eyes of many were raised. But Ronaldo himself was undoubtedly. He understood that he has nothing left to achieve in Real, but he needs Juventus.

Ronaldo, the great son of the Champions League, set foot on the soil of Turin three years ago with the conviction of making Juventus the best in Europe. But, where is he meeting the ‘challenge’?

Ronaldo’s Champions League campaign in the last sixteen after his exit in the quarter-finals in the first year, in the last sixteen in the second year. After the departure of Ajax and Leon in the last two years, this time FC Porto, which has emerged as the ‘killer’ of Ronaldo, is the club of the country Portugal. Despite Juventus winning 3-2 at home in the second leg last night, Ronaldo has left after scoring an away goal.

In the previous two years, the team left, but Ronaldo was in the discussion with a goal. The club’s fans were still looking to Ronaldo to save Juventus, who lost 2-1 at Porto in the first leg.

Ronaldo burns in such nights! Juventus coach Andrea Pirlo rested Ronaldo in the last match of the league against Lazio for this match, in which Juventus won by playing their best football of the season. But tomorrow, when Ronaldo became the hero, Ronaldo could not be found on the field! Raise the missing notice for him!

Juventus’ Italian winger Federico Kiyesa scored a consolation goal in the first leg in response to goals from Mehdi Taremi and Musa Marega. In the second leg, he pulled the team alone. French central midfielder Adrian Rabio scored two goals for Juventus. Sergio Oliveira, meanwhile, scored a pair of goals for Porto. Porto advanced to the next round thanks to an away goal.

Ronaldo’s pain is further increased by an information. Porto’s Iranian striker Mehdi Taremi left the field after seeing a red card in the 54th minute of the match. Despite this, Juventus could not reach the quarter with one more goal to 10 Porto.

Ronaldo was accompanied by Spanish striker Alvaro Morata in the 4-4-2 attack. Porto also took the field in the same table. Juventus got a chance to go ahead in three minutes of the match.

Colombian right-back Juan Cuadrado’s cross from the right edge was headed in and Morata was scoring a goal just before the end, thanks to Argentine goalkeeper Augustin Marchesin. In the next minute, Porto explained that they did not come to Turin just to withstand Juventus’ attack. In the first leg, Juventus won by a landslide, but in the second leg, the Portuguese club did not leave.

Iranian striker Mehdi Taremi, who was in the box at the cutback of Nigerian left-back Zaidu Sanusi, took a shot that was unbelievably blocked by Juventus goalkeeper Vaichek Sejni. If he heads back, it will be in the post again for Juventus.

Porto got a penalty in the 17th minute for the sake of Taremi. Taremi fell into the box on a tackle by Juventus Turkish centerback Marih Demiral. Sergio Olivier had no problem scoring from the spot. In the 26th minute, Morata scored another cross from Cuadrado, but again Marchesin stood like a wall of China.

In the 30th minute, the Argentine goalkeeper blocked a shot in the same way. Meanwhile, Juve’s Welsh midfielder Aaron Ramsay also missed several goal opportunities. Porto went to the break early in the first half.

After the start of the second half, Juventus pressed Porto better. Italian center-back Leonardo Bonucci has a long history of delivering the perfect long ball from the defensive side as well as another perfect long ball that has caught a crack in Porto’s defense.

Ronaldo put Bonucci’s long ball under control and arranged it for the goal. The Italian right winger equalized with a great placement on the right foot.

After that Taremi left the field after seeing the red card for various reasons. Two minutes ago he saw a yellow card, two minutes later the referee blew the offside whistle but the Iranian striker kicked the ball out.

The striker was shown a second yellow card for disobedience after the referee blew his whistle. Porto started the game with a team of 10 people.

Juve forward Kiesa missed a great goal just after Taremi’s departure. The winger, who made a fool of Marchesin and went for the goal, could not score because of the veteran Portuguese center-back Pep. Former Real Madrid center-back Pepe has played great throughout the match.

After six minutes, however, Kiyesa did not fail. Throughout the match, Cuadrado’s cross from the right edge was one of Juventus’ weapons of attack. Kiyesa led the team with his second goal by touching his head on a cross.

In the 6th minute, Ronaldo missed an easy chance to score from a Cuadrado cross. In added time, Cuadrado himself came forward to score, although he could not. His lightning-fast shot hit the crossbar and saved Porto. At the end of 90 minutes, Juve went ahead 2-1, then the two legs were tied at 3-3. The extra time game starts.

In the 115th minute, Sergio Oliveira’s free-kick was taken by Porto, who scored a valuable extra away goal. Exactly one minute later, Juventus went ahead in the match again with Rabio’s head.

But that one extra away goal, Porto’s forehead opened. And once again, Ronaldo has to cover his face in despair.

At the very last moment of the match, Dutch center-back Mattis de Licht appealed for a penalty but the referee did not respond.

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