La Liga is preparing for Messi’s departure


The common belief is that a player can never be above the club. Not above any competition. But the opposite has been seen around Lionel Messi in recent times.

Messi was one of the topics of discussion around the election of the president of Barcelona? Whoever the president is, will he be able to hold on to Messi? Again, there is a question about La Liga, what will happen to La Liga if Messi leaves?

I mean, if a star like Messi leaves La Liga, what will be the loss of Spain’s top league? There is no Ronaldo in the league, will anyone watch this league if Messi leaves?

Barca have won the Juan Laporta election and become the new president. Earlier, he had said that in order to retain Messi, he would have to be the president. Messi’s relationship with Laporta is better than the other two rivals Victor Font and Tony Freixer, the media has already reported.

It remains to be seen whether Barą¦¾a can renew their contract with the Argentine forward. The Catalan club’s contract with him will expire at the end of this season. Messi has not yet said anything directly about staying at Barca. Earlier, he said he would decide at the end of the season.

That means nothing is certain so far. It can be said now that Messi will not join any La Liga club if he leaves Bara. Barca is the club of his childhood, the club of love. Messi must not think of facing them in the league.

In that case, if Messi leaves Bara, La Liga will also lose the arguably best player in the history of the competition. In the meantime, the Covid-19 epidemic has caused financial losses in La Liga. Barca’s debt alone is 1.2 billion euros. Messi’s departure from Spain as a free agent is not as normal as it seems.

But Javier Tebas doesn’t think so. According to the La Liga president, one of the best in the world in terms of popularity has the financial capacity to make up for any loss.

“(Messi) will not leave Barca because of the terms of the contract,” Tebas told Egypt’s Channel Unsport. However, as I said during the time of Cristiano Ronaldo, we are also financially ready for this moment (Messi’s departure).

Citing the example of Ronaldo leaving Real, Tebas said, “The club decided to leave Cristiano. I have nothing to say about this. But I want the best players in the world here (La Liga).

The same thing happened with Neymar. Cristiano is the ultimate goal scorer in La Liga. His departure has had an impact. However, the financial loss was very small. Because we were ready. ‘

Tebas also spoke about the financial loss in La Liga. The financial loss reached two billion euros. However, we have been able to reduce the cost to 1.1 billion euros.

Tebas’s comments about Laporta becoming Barca president, Barca finally got a new president after suffering for the past few months. It remains to be seen how he handles it all. Get more news from

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