Griezmann has lost the right to be Companion of Messi

One PSG match changed the fate of Antoyan Griezmann in Barcelona?

Griezmann has lost the right to be Companion of Messi

In the first leg of the last 16 of the Champions League against Barcelona in the middle of this month, Barcelona lost 4-1 at home, in fact the team’s hopes of reaching the quarter-finals of the Champions League are gone.

What is the price of not being able to play very well in that match to Griezmann? Barcelona coach Ronald Coman has not been playing the French forward since.

According to the Barcelona-based Spanish daily Sport, Griezmann has lost the right to be Lionel Messi’s partner in the Barcelona attack. Especially in matches against big teams, Koman is thinking of playing only Dembele with Messi instead of Griezmann, says Sport.

The coach attacked Messi and Dembele in the 2-0 win over Sevilla in the league yesterday, and won the match with two goals.

But before that match against PSG, it seemed to be just the opposite. Griezmann has never been able to secure a place in the team since Atletico Madrid moved to Barcelona for 120 million in the 2019/20 season until January this year.

He was in rhythm in a few matches in a row, which was not seen before last January. But with the arrival of the new year, the style of play of Barcelona has changed a bit, Griezmann has also spread the light.

How much? In football, it is wrong to consider everything with numbers. It is not right to judge a player’s performance by just scoring goals or assists. However, the number of goal-assists can give some idea of ​​how confident a player is.

And that number says Griezmann has scored six goals in 23 league games this season, three of them in 2021. Griezmann has scored four goals in Spain’s two domestic tournaments, the Copa del Rey and the Spanish Supercopa, all four this January. He also scored several goals.

Griezmann’s return to such a rhythm was due to a change in the strategy of Barাa coach Ronald Coman. Coming to the Barca dugout this season, Koman first started playing the team 4-2-3-1.

But Osman Dembele was injured at the time, and the young Ansu Fati showed a glimpse in the first few matches of the season but was injured later. Messi, who wanted to leave the club in August, has not yet made up his mind. Apart from Chhanna, Griezmann was also lost in the attack of the injured Bara.

It was not clear where the French forward would play in the attack. That, of course, has never been the case in the year and a half since Griezmann came to Bara. It was feared that Griezmann would come to Bara.

How will it be, Atletico Madrid or Griezmann’s role in the French national team is the same as Messi’s role in Barca. No Barca coach will give Griezmann the role of Messi by ruining Messi’s game, which is ahead of Griezmann in strategy and skill. Ernesto Valvarde, Kike Setien or Coman গ্র none of the three coaches Griezmann has played at Bar—a so far.

But after losing to Cadiz in the league in December, Koman changed his tactics. He returned from 4-2-3-1 to the ever-familiar 4-3-3 table of Barca. Messi will play an independent role, with Griezmann and Dembele playing side by side on his side — this was the main idea of ​​the strategy.

Messi’s return to rhythm, Messi-Griezmann’s coordination has improved and with this change of strategy, both Barাa and Griezmann have returned to rhythm. But the match against PSG ended again for Griezmann.

Not only PSGE, but also Griezmann was dreaming in Barca’s 1-1 draw against in the league last Sunday. Griezmann is one of the first two players picked by Koman in that match. Griezmann then put Griezmann on the bench in the match against Elche, one of the last three players to be dropped by Barca in a 3-0 win over Barca.

And tomorrow against Sevilla, Koman Namanai-Ni Griezmann. Dembele was replaced by Martin Brathwaite, leaving Griezmann with a 1-0 lead in the 82nd minute. Asked about this at the end of the match, however, Koman said that there was “no punishment” for keeping Griezmann like this.

But Sport says differently. Coman was furious with Griezmann’s performance in the match against PSG, according to a report in the Barcelona-based sports daily. Without Neymar and Anhel Di Maria, Barca will be able to fight equally against PSG, Koman thought.

But Killian Mbappe’s dazzling hat-trick has been thwarted by Barাa. Messi’s shattered dream of a Champions League is almost gone and Griezmann has lost the right.

According to Sport, Koman’s perception after the match against PSG, in the match against the big team, Barca is no longer a team to play football in Daputa. In order to get any result in such a match, the team has to play careful football.

How careful? In the words of Sport, ‘Calculate and attack, be more diligent in the middle.’ In that case, Koman wants a pair of Messi and Dembele to attack by increasing the number of players in the middle.

He played almost the same tactic against Sevilla in the league yesterday. He played PK-Longley-Mingesa as three centerbacks in the 3-4-2-1 table. Right-back Serhinio Dest and left-back Jordi Alba played as wingbacks on both sides of the midfield. Pedri in front of Busquets-de Young in midfield. And two forwards Messi and Dembele.

Sport’s commentary, the way Griezmann sacrificed himself for the team, came down to the defense again and again because Griezmann has lost the right.

He likes those coman a lot. But the Barca coach wants a more dynamic player in terms of attack, which is why he has been looking for Dutch forward Memphis Depi from the start of the season news of

According to Sport, the way back to Griezmann’s squad could be opened due to Pedri’s injury against Sevilla yesterday. However, A-O also says that Griezmann is behind Dembele at the moment. And his game in the big match will be surrounded by uncertainty from now on.

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