The doctor also had a scuffle with the drunken Maradona

doctor had a scuffle with Maradona

The controversy has not stopped after the death of Diego Maradona. There were allegations of medical negligence after his death last November. Maradona’s two doctors and three others are under investigation.

Meanwhile, an audio conversation about Maradona was leaked before his death. There, ‘8 World Cup-winning star neurosurgeon and longtime physician Leopoldo Luke and psychologist Koshachev made controversial remarks. This time another audio conversation was leaked, where, as usual, the subject of the conversation was Maradona’s intoxication. The issue of his clash with the doctor in a drunken state has also come up in it.

The audio conversation between Maradona’s two physicians Luke, Nicolas Tafarel, a kinesiologist, and his (Maradona’s) former assistant Charlie Ebenez was leaked to the Argentine news agency Infobay.

The Spanish media ‘Marca’ quoted this talk. The discussion took place before Maradona’s death on November 25, with a number of controversial remarks surrounding the Argentine legend.

Tafarel: He gets drunk after drinking two glasses of Luigi Bosca (Argentine wine). It starts after the first one, it explodes after the second one. Then he eats beer, drinks five bottles of corona (Mexican beer) and just sits down.

Luke: It is not possible to treat him in such a bad environment. And if he tries to do that, he will not be able to reach. Will escape. In fact, there is no solution. At least I didn’t go down without explaining myself first.

Mariano Israelite (Maradona’s friend): Charlie brings wine to his house. Corona is kept on his table even if he doesn’t want to. If you put beer in front of an intoxicated person, it will take about 5 seconds to drink it very naturally. He got it without asking.

Charlie: He drank half a glass after lunch today. Pour another half glass after dinner. After we finished watching the movie, he took medicine, blew for a while and went to bed. The real truth is that he (in life) is an Englishman.

Tafarel: The problem is that no one can control Charlie. He gave the pill to Maradona twice. When Maradona asked him for four pink pills, he brought them all.

Luke: An incident needs to be told. It happened while talking to Maradona yesterday. I don’t know who is to blame, there are fights in a drunken state. Beware, it can’t be told to anyone, then it will reach the media.

Luke: I can’t anymore. At first it seemed that I was helping him. But since his psychoanalysis, you feel like an ass … at the same time wanting to punch him (Maradona). And he wants to say, “You are like a lump of shit, even after you are so old that (intoxication) does not know how to stop, arrogant, you are more lonely than a spider, even your daughters do not talk to you.”

Luke: I told him yesterday, you can’t die like this. Look, I’m not a cop, but not an ass. You know about football, I know about medicine. I can see how you are. You can’t die like this by drinking alcohol, pills and puffs.

Maradona’s bad habits are one of the reasons why he was torn apart after his death. Maradona was at his home in Buenos Aires before undergoing brain surgery. His two daughters told the court a few days ago that the Argentine legend had consumed alcohol and ‘marijuana’ before the bleeding operation. Even the doctors knew about it. Maradona died while undergoing rehabilitation at Tigre’s home after surgery. Get more news from

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