City 21 in the Brazilian glimpse


Manchester City is moving towards the title at a relentless pace. Pep Guardiola’s side won 21 matches in a row by beating Wolverhampton 4-1 last night.

The extent of City’s dominance in these 21 matches can be understood from a single source গোল 55 goals scored and 6 digested in this period.

Four of the 55 goals came last night, two of which came from the feet of Brazilian striker Gabriel Jesus.

1 goal by Riyad Mahrez. The rest of the goal was a suicide by Wolverhampton’s Belgian midfielder Leander Dendankar.

With this victory, Pep Guardiola has brought City to the ranks of Real Madrid and Bayern Munich. City have won 21 matches in a row, with more than 20 consecutive wins for none other than Real and Bayern.

In 2014, under Carlo Ancelotti, Real Madrid won 22 matches in a row. Bayern won 23 matches last season under Hansie Flick. Guardiola has made 69 changes to the team’s starting XI this season.

No other team has changed so much in the original XI. Understandably, how strong is Guardiola’s squad!

City are unbeaten in 26 matches in all competitions. In April and December 2016, they set a record of 26 consecutive matches unbeaten. City have touched this record again as they are. Needless to say, that record also came under Guardiola.

Yesterday, however, City was afraid of losing points even before the last ten minutes of the match. The match was 1-1 till 79 minutes. Defender Dendankar’s suicide goal in the 15th minute, the Wolves fell behind, and in the 61st minute, another defender Connor Cody’s goal equalized.

But the last ten minutes and added time have taken the City by storm. After the goal of Jesus in the 80th minute, Mahrez scored in the 90th minute. Jesus scored another goal in the third minute of added time.

Guardiola praised Brazilian Jesus for winning the match with a pair of goals. “You don’t know how happy we are when he scores,” he said. People don’t understand how much he does for that team. He scored two goals, helped with pressing and pressure.

It’s as good for the team as it is for himself. Of course, the main job of the strikers is to score goals, but look at how many goals he has helped. He is playing great. Get more news from


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