Barcelona Laugh At The Last Minute Goal Of Real Madrid


The match between Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid. But he was looking forward to the match with another group of supporters – Barcelona.

Barcelona has found form at a crucial time of the season. The team that bridged the points gap with Atletico in the league table today became a supporter of arch-rivals Real Madrid. Because, if Real Madrid had beaten city rivals today, Barcelona would have had more advantage in that Spanish league race.

Before yesterday’s match against Osasuna, Barcelona coach Ronald Koman said which team he wants better in this match. Those Barca fans who are thinking of forgetting the animosity and raising the possibility of winning the team’s title, wanted Real to win today.

Real did not win. However, the wishes of Barca supporters have been fulfilled to some extent. Zinedine Zidane’s side returned from a 1-1 draw at Atletico in the last minute. And that’s why La Liga was frozen.

Real Madrid was on the field in the first half of the match. However, it was recognizable by the color of the jersey. There was no life in the whole team game.

The attack seemed to have only one plan spend time around the box with the ball, pass from one end to the other, then cross the box. Karim Benzema, the only player in the box, never got the ball, never got it. But the end result of all those attacks? Real did not have any shots on target!

Atletico had better plans in the game than he did. The team was attacking at a great speed. In the first 10 minutes, he threatened Real several times. The award was received in the 15th minute. Atletico counter-attacked, but Real’s center-back Nacho Fernandez made a mistake in stopping the attack.

Atletico striker Luis Suarez gets the ball from Marcos Yorant’s pass, and Nacho tackles him in the middle. The tackle was wrong. Suarez ran out. Suarez never gave Real goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois a chance.

Suarez, a legendary Bar্সa player who has been scoring goals from a Juventus pass at Real’s academy, also in an Atletico jersey against Real Madrid, could anyone have imagined such a thing two years ago?

There was no sign of Real waking up even after scoring a goal. Real applied for a penalty in the 44th minute. Atletico defender Felipe hit the ball in the box. VAR also invited the referee to reconsider the decision. But referee Hernandez Hernandez did not give Real a penalty.

The match continued in the same rhythm even after returning from the break. Real held the ball. Try to cross from the right side twice in the middle to the left end and then try to cross or try to cross again with the ball from the left side in the same way – Real’s attack was like that.

In the meantime, goalkeeper Cortoya has saved Real twice. The Belgian goalkeeper made a double save in the 53rd and 54th minutes.

Real reduced a little after 60 minutes of trying to play cross-cross. Trying to attack with a little midfield, after 60 minutes, several goal opportunities were created. And the results match in 6 minutes.

Benzema entered the box after giving and taking the ball with Casimiro. By then, Casimiro, who was playing as the ‘second striker’ from the midfield, sent a great pass to Benzema. Benzema, who had failed to seize the opportunity twice before, did not fail from a few yards away. The match ended 1-1.

Atletico are 3 points ahead of Bar্সa in this draw. At the end of 28 matches, Barcelona with two points and Real with three points have 56 and 54 points respectively. Atletico are top with 59 points from one match. Get more news from

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