Messi 40, Ronaldo 57, and Harland only 14!


Is Earling Harland a man of flesh and blood? Or half human and half machine?

The question may arise in the way the 20-year-old Norwegian striker from Borussia Dortmund has been scoring goals since he introduced himself in world football. Harland’s name is also being mentioned along with Killian Mbappe, who is already considered as the successor of the ‘Messi vs Ronaldo’ duo that has dominated world football for more than a decade.

And Harland’s name is on the pages of the record book. The name of the latest page is 20 goals in the least number of matches and the youngest age in the Champions League.

In the second leg of the last 16, Harland scored a pair of goals in Dortmund’s 2-2 draw against Sevilla at home last night. Dortmund reached the quarter-finals for the first time in four years, winning 5-4 in two legs. On the way, Harland has written his name in the record.

With yesterday’s pair of goals, Harland scored 20 goals in just 14 matches in the Champions League. No one else could score 20 goals in the Champions League at a younger age than him. Mbappe, with whom he is compared, scored 20 goals a few days before his 22nd birthday.

In addition to being the youngest, Harland also holds the record for 20 goals in the fewest matches in the Champions League. Harry Kane, who had the previous record, took 24 matches to score 20 goals ১০ 10 more matches than Harland.

The reason why the Dortmund striker is being considered as one of the future superstars of world football can be understood by comparing him with Messi-Ronaldo in this record. Lionel Messi had to play 20 matches in the Champions League to get 20 goals, Cristiano Ronaldo 58!

There is little doubt that there will be a clash with Harland in July-August. Whether he will be in the Harland squad next season is another consideration, with Dortmund dreaming of advancing further into the Champions League this season, as Harland is currently.

Dortmund fans may not have been so intimidated by Sevilla’s return to the field at home yesterday because of Harland.

In the first leg, Dortmund kept the last eight with one foot in the field of Sevilla 3-2. The goal difference is only 1, but the goal in the opponent’s field is sold at the price of gold in the Champions League! Getting three goals made Dortmund’s job a lot easier. Although Sevilla fought to the end yesterday, that credit must go to Hulen Lopetegui’s team.

The advantage of being ahead in the previous match was that Harland made Dortmund more dependent by scoring two goals in the 58th minute of the season. Harland wrapped the ball in the net a few yards from the post from Marco Royce’s cutback in the 35th minute, the second from the penalty spot in the 58th minute.

The second goal, however, was drama. Dortmund get the penalty for fouling Harland, although the decision is controversial. Even after the foul, Harland caught the ball in the net with a great service chip. But VAR said, not the goal, the penalty must be taken!

Sevilla goalkeeper Yasin Bunu also blocked Harland’s shot from the penalty spot. But again to save VARL Harland. It was seen that Bunu left the goal line before taking the Harland shot. The shot was taken again, this time it was not wrong for Harland to score. Before the celebration after the goal, the Dortmund striker went in front of Bunu and said something, but a number of Sevilla players rushed towards him.

What happened? Harland said after the match, ‘Honestly I was quite nervous before taking the second shot (from the penalty). But after missing the first shot, he (Bunu) came in front of my face and shouted, so I think it would be nice to score another goal!

‘ Harland also described the second goal from the penalty spot as a “karma” or “karma”, “I told him the same thing he (Sevilla goalkeeper Bunu) told me after I failed to score on the penalty spot the first time (after scoring the second goal).” Maybe it’s because there is karma in the world! ‘

Harland’s pair of goals at the beginning of the second half, the result of the two legs combined, Dortmund then 5-2! The chances of Sevilla returning from there were close to zero.

However, Sevilla did not try less. Sevilla striker Youssef N-Nesri responded with at least a pair of goals for Harland. The first from the penalty in the 6th minute, the second in the sixth minute of added time! But by then Budd was too late. Get more news from

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