Tendulkar screams as he goes to test Corona

Sachin Tendulkar entertained the spectators with a bat at 22 yards. The legendary cricketer entertained the audience by posting a video on Instagram. The Road Safety World Series is underway in Raipur, India. India is playing against England in this series today.

Before playing in this match, Tendulkar had to undergo corona test as part of his regular activities. But what Tendulkar did when he went for the test, the health workers were also shocked.

A health worker was taking a sample of Tendulkar after the PPE kit. At that time, Tendulkar grabbed his nose and suddenly distorted his face and pretended to be in pain. He also made strange words in his mouth. The health worker was shocked to see Tendulkar’s condition. Thought Tendulkar might have a problem.

But the health worker cut off the business at the last moment. He saw a smile on Tendulkar’s face. In other words, the little master is trying to show a little fear in a funny way. Tendulkar himself posted a video of the whole incident on Instagram. He wrote, ‘I have played 200 Tests.

And I have tested Covid 28 times. I did a little prank to lighten the mood. Many thanks to the medical staff for being by our side all the time. ‘ This video of Tendulkar has already gone viral on social media.

However, along with this video, another video of Tendulkar has gone viral. Former India opener Virender Sehwag shared the video on his Instagram. The video shows Tendulkar with a few needles in his elbow. Showing that, Sachin’s one-time teammate Sehwag says, ‘Look at our God. Not leaving the game yet.

He is also playing with a needle. ‘ In reply, Tendulkar’s other teammate all-rounder Yuvraj Singh said, ‘You are Sher. He is Babbar Sher. He will not lose so easily. Everyone was seen having fun in this video too.

It goes without saying that Tendulkar is having a good time with his old teammates around the festival cricket tournament after retirement. Get more news from abdsportstv.com

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