Tamim Iqbal said I came to New Zealand to win the series

Tamim Iqbal to New Zealand

Bangladesh cricketers are spending time in a hotel room in Christchurch. When the quarantine is over, the practice will start from March 4 in small groups. ODI captain Tamim Iqbal yesterday told this reporter on his mobile phone about his quarantine experience and the purpose of his tour of New Zealand. There is also the issue of the horrific experience of a gun attack on a mosque in Christchurch in 2019:

How is the quarantine time?
Of course having a hard time. But not as hard as I thought. There is no problem with eating and drinking. Since we have never had such an experience before, it may seem a little strange. If this happens in every tour, it will be a little trouble. Living like this in the normal world can never be ideal. However, it took 5-6 days. The matter was not as difficult as I thought.

The thought of playing is not coming
The thought of playing in quarantine is not coming to anyone’s mind too much. At such times of the series we usually have practice in the morning, gym in the afternoon. All in all, you have to get into the atmosphere of the game. I’m sure everyone thinks about the game at some point in this long quarantine. However, it will take at least two practice sessions to get fully into the series.

‘Practice’ at home
We have computer analysts here. Whatever we want, footage or analysis of a particular bowler or batsman, he sends us a video as soon as he sends a message on the phone. It takes some time to see them.

Those horrible memories of Christchurch
Two days ago, I suddenly heard gunshots outside. I’m scared! Later I saw fireworks being set off. There was a concert going on somewhere. Fireworks on that occasion. In fact, I was scared for a while. However, since we have not yet gone out of town or visited the mosque where the incident took place last time, there is no feeling for that yet. What matters is a different matter when you go out.

First captaincy on foreign soil
The purpose is the same everywhere — to do good. Whether in the country or abroad, the only thing we want is for the team to do well. We play well ourselves, we win – we will play with these goals here too. But yes, everyone understands that our work here will be difficult. Our past record on New Zealand soil is not a very good one. We have the opportunity to change that past. Hopefully we can take the opportunity when such a situation arises.

Absence of Mashrafe-Shakib
Look, without them, our team can no longer be called young. Because all but 2/1 have played international cricket for 3/4 years. Gentleman, if you call Liton still young, it won’t happen. They have been in international cricket for 4/5 years. Who doesn’t want a full strength team! But the team that is or is with me is the most important to me. If I say that it would have been better to have such and such in the team or to have such and such, then these players are disrespected.

Expectations from pace bowlers in New Zealand conditions
Our pace bowling is a little better now than it was two or three years ago. The experience of Mashrafe Bhai was an added benefit, but if you look at other aspects, the pace bowlers are doing well now. There must be expectations. When we play in the country, we rely a lot on spinners. In order to win regularly outside the country, the pacers abroad have to do exactly what the spinners do in the country.

Those who are succeeding now in the subcontinent are succeeding because of the pace attack. Of course, it should be kept in mind that our fast bowlers did not play too many matches. Taskin is back after many days. I want the pacers to do well. This does not mean that I should put them under pressure.

Hope to the batsmen
We have yet to win an ODI in New Zealand. You don’t have to look at bowlers or batsmen just to change it. Everyone has to try together. Of course, it is always easy to say. The most important thing is who did what on the field. I can’t say right now what happens on the field on the day of the game. But mentally everyone is in very good condition. We don’t have that thing in anyone’s behavior, we’re going to play in a place where nothing will actually happen.

Your own goal as a captain and batsman
If you are a captain, I know why you are left out from the calculation of want and power. The desire of the team becomes important. It’s like this to me now, if I can win the team with something special, Alhamdulillah. And even if I don’t do anything, if the team wins, it will still be a big achievement for us. We have to win because we have never won in New Zealand, that’s not the point. There is also the matter of ODI Super League points. It would be great to be able to take points from New Zealand. As captain I must say, we have come here to win the series. Get news from abdsportstv.com

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