IPL vs PSL? Stein turned around and said, “I’m sorry.”


There is nothing left to say about freedom of expression!

Poor Dale Stein said either way. The 36-year-old South African fast bowler was either slightly ahead of Pakistan’s franchise-based T20 league PSL over India’s franchise-based T20 league IPL. He had to apologize for not having to wait 24 hours again!

This time he did not write his name in the IPL auction; Instead, Stein is currently playing for Quetta Gladiators in the PSL. There, he said a couple of days ago, cricket is lost in the IPL for money, more attention is paid to cricket in PSL or LPL (Lanka Premier League).

But he had to face a lot of criticism for that. Stein retreated on Twitter in the face of criticism, saying he apologized if anyone was offended by his comments.

Stein has not been a name in the tournament since the 2014 IPL. I haven’t played for three years since 2016. Sometimes he played for two years, but could not do well. This time he did not give the name.

There was speculation that he would not be able to get a team due to poor performance in the last two seasons, or that he would have to stay in biological protection for two months when he came to the IPL, or for some other reason. This is the first time Stein has come to play in PSL.

His name got involved in the debate. Stein told former New Zealand cricketer and commentator Simon Dowl that he didn’t think Dowl was human because he first joked about his hair. He then drew criticism by comparing the IPL with other franchise leagues, especially the PSL.

Speaking to the Cricket Pakistan website, Stein said: “I find the game in other leagues more interesting. The IPL has so many big squads, so many big names and so much importance is given to who was sold at what price. Sometimes people forget about cricket.

Stein liked the experience of playing in the PSL better than he did, ‘I’ve only been here a few days. So far many have come to my room. They just wanted to know where I played for so long and how I played. But when I go to play in IPL, these people forget. The main discussion there is how much money you are getting for the IPL. I am telling the hard truth. I wanted to stay away from it. ‘

This is a negative comment about the Indian favorite IPL, Stein has put the Pakistan franchise league ahead of it. Add to that, after playing in the IPL for so many years, now Stein is talking about going to the PSL.

Why Indians will tolerate it! The Indians have washed the South African fast bowler on Twitter. Prashant Mishra wrote, ‘IPL is very competitive. The small leagues give an opportunity to old men like him to play.

A Twitter user named Adam User wrote in his translation of Stein’s comment, ‘As you get older, it becomes harder to get a good money deal in the IPL when you lose your glimpse. Because, there are a lot of quality foreign players to choose from. But in small leagues like PSL, you will have a place in the XI as a legend.

Agreeing with this comment, one wrote, ‘True. He has been beaten in the IPL for several years and was sold at the base price last year. Now he has come to talk about the importance of cricket and the importance of money on a player. In the eyes of a user named IPL user, Stein’s comment is ‘middle-aged’.

However, many have also put forward arguments in favor of Stein’s words. Earlier, Stein had expressed his displeasure over the excesses outside the IPL field. Engineer Adil Mustafa showed three such screenshots.

As can be seen, in a tweet in 2011, Stein wrote, ‘IPL again! The show lasts for many nights, then a photoshoot at eight in the morning, and three hours of sleep … awful. ‘ In 2014 he wrote again, ‘Another photoshoot! The question is whether I have become a cricketer or a model in the IPL.
Whatever it is, Stein has now retreated after seeing such a reaction to his remarks. He said he did not want to insult the IPL. ‘IPL has been nothing great in my career all the time. In the career of many others. I never said my words to belittle, insult or compare any league, ”Stein wrote on Twitter.

The South African fast bowler also claimed that his comments were presented differently. I apologize if anyone has been hurt.’ Get more news from abdsportstv.com

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