New Zealand Achieve Extra 4 Run by Losing Less Than 5 Wicket

The first four matches of the Road Safety World Series were played in 2020. Bangladesh has received a new invitation in this tournament which started in 2021 with new vigor.

The day before yesterday against India, Bangladesh has become a handful of legends. In that match, however, Virender Sehwag’s storm swept over Khaled Mahmood. Earlier, Bangladesh Legends were bowled out for 109 runs. Today, in the second match, the team got 4 more runs than him.

Bangladesh played its second match against England Legends in Raipur, Maharashtra today. The team did not play the whole of the innings in the first match.

Today he has overcome imperfections. Khaled Masood and Mushfiqur Rahman scored 113 runs for the loss of 5 wickets in 20 overs. Petersen reached the target after losing 3 wickets. After losing 10 wickets in the first match, Bangladesh Legends lost by 6 wickets in the second match.

As good as Bangladesh’s innings against India was, it was all about Nazimuddin. The opener made 49 off 35 balls. Bangladesh also got 59 runs in the opening match.

Bangladesh Legends managed to score only 50 runs in the remaining 9 wickets. Compared to him, today someone else in the team was seen to contribute a little bit.

Nazimuddin had a bright start even today. But Nazim (12) left the team with 20 runs. Then just the story of the batting collapse. One by one Javed Omar, Hannan Sarkar, Nafis Iqbal, Rajin Saleh have all returned.

Khaled Masood and Mushfiqur Rahman showed the way to Bangladesh Legends who scored 55 runs for the loss of 5 wickets in 10 overs. These two have brought 51 runs in 9 overs. Masood, who scored 31 off 39 balls, retired injured. Mushfiqur Rahman remained unbeaten on 30 off 26 balls.

The England Legends were quick to end the match. The team scored 40 runs in the first 3 overs. Alamgir Kabir returned Phil Mastard (26) in the fourth over. Alamgir could have returned him earlier. But Mushfiqur could not catch an easy catch.

Kevin Pietersen did not let the team’s run rate slow down. Bangladesh Legends did not give any chance to the bowlers to settle down. Pietersen made 42 off 16 balls before being bowled by Mohammad Rafique. When Petersen returns in the eighth over, the England Legends’ run is 6. The team needed 26 off 63 balls to win.

They lost one more wicket to reach the target. Darren Maddy (32 *) and Gavin Hamilton (5 *) finished the match with 6 overs in hand. Get more news from

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