The debate over the Indian umpire’s decision again


An important match is going on in Ahmedabad. The fourth Test will not only determine the fate of the series, but also the finalists of the Test Championship.

India will win the series if they can avoid defeat in this test. The team will also play the final of the Test Championship against New Zealand. Meanwhile, if England wins the Test, the series will end in a draw. Australia will advance to the final of the Test Championship. The controversy over umpiring reappeared in such a match.

England were all out for 205 in the first innings but returned to the match well. The return of Cheteshwar Pujara, the epitome of patience, at the start of the second day today, fulfilled the hopes that England had raised.

India captain Virat Kohli returned with zero runs. At one stage, India lost 6 wickets for 146 runs. But a great innings of 101 runs by Rishabh Pant put India ahead at the end of the day. The hosts are leading by 69 runs with 3 wickets in hand.

But today, maybe England could have ended the day with a lead. But one controversial umpiring did not allow that to happen.

Pant hit a century off 115 balls. He is only the second wicketkeeper-batsman to score a century in Australia, England and India. The way he is playing, it seems that a successor to Adam Gilchrist, the first man of this fame, has got world cricket. Sourav Ganguly is talking about having big dreams around him. But this innings could have stopped with 35 runs.

India’s run was then 152. Pant and Washington Sundar came up with only 6 runs. At that moment, a ball from the off-spinner Dom base hit the pant’s pad. England appealed strongly. But umpire Nitin Menon did not respond. The English captain took the review.

It was seen in the replay that the ball looked like sand. But since the umpire did not give out, Pant survived the ride as an ‘umpire call’. He overcame the push and quickly crossed the fifty. He became more aggressive after the fifth and got a century after only 33 balls.

The change in the pace of the match in Pant’s innings has caused controversy over his survival. Because, Rohit Sharma was lbw a little before Pant. As seen in the review of the service, it takes sand. But the Indian batsman’s forehead was burnt to give out the service umpire. In Fox Cricket, Mark Waugh, Pat Cummins and Isa Guha, who were on the commentary panel for the match, were not surprised by the two decisions.

After Pant survives, he sits down and says, ‘Ah? Oh, no. It was out! ‘

Australian pacer Cummins has tried to explain, ‘The small difference is, they don’t measure fifty per cent of the ball from the part above the bell.

They calculate fifty percent of the ball from the share on the stumps. ‘ Former England women’s cricketer Isa Guha added, ‘Which should be shared on Bell. It’s very annoying for the bowlers. ‘

Mark Wahr did not like their discussion of such subtle rules. The former batsman’s clear words, what looks out of place with white eyes, should be given out.

He is not willing to wait for something called ‘umpires call’ for this, ‘it’s out every day (in every case).’

Cummins meant the same rules for both teams. However, the fast bowler also admitted that it is becoming difficult to get a lbw decision in the game. But even after showing that they will take the stumps in the replay, it is seen that they are not getting out. As a result, the space for putting the ball on the stumps is getting very low. Now, if you are a tall batsman, you have to bowl half volley or you have to bowl along the stumps.

This is also being discussed on social media. Many are saying that if Pant is not given out, then it is wrong to give out Rohit or Johnny Bairstow yesterday.

Again, Pant seemed to be more out of sight than these two. “Fifteen were more out than Rohit,” said Sourav Malhotra, a cricket fan. But DRS is like that. It makes umpires feel great. ‘

Another, Jack Mendel, said, ‘Sorry, neither Bairstow nor Sharma was right to give LBW to anyone. It was not right to give them out at first. Was very subtle. And where these two should not have been given out on the field, there should have been given out punt ball. The umpires call is causing trouble to make the right decision.

The same tune echoed in the Daily Mail’s cricket reporter Paul Newman, ‘I think it was (Pant) more out than Bairstow and Rohit. This time Menon decided in favor of the batsman and Pant survived … I think it could be something much bigger. ‘ The umpires call has caused controversy before.

In the second Test of the series, Rohit Sharma and Ajinkya Rahane were questioned for not out. The next day, everyone thought Joe Root was out, but Root controversially survived because the on-field umpire ruled him out.

The umpires also suffered a call during India’s tour of Australia. There too in three cases the third umpire was forced to make two different decisions due to the umpires call; Seeing this, Sachin Tendulkar has also asked to dismiss the controversial issue from cricket.

It doesn’t matter if the ball stumps are 10 percent or 15 percent. Because, when you are bold, no one talks about it (how much of the ball is taken). ‘

The MCC’s World Cricket Committee has also discussed this a few days ago. The committee, made up of legendary cricketers, has voted to cancel the umpires’ call from cricket.

The ICC has also been asked to lift it. According to them, the same ball cannot give the third umpire out once, not out again. And to overcome that, it is better to forget the decision of the field umpire. Get more news from

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