Afridi reminded him of his age once again

How old is Shahid Afridi?

Not just cricket, the whole sports world will be at the top of the list of all the unsolved mysteries. And a study can be done on whether there has been so much discussion and criticism about age in the entire career of any other cricketer.

He himself has worked one by one to give air to the discussion of age. In the autobiography he wrote, he also said one thing about age at a time. Today is the birthday of this former captain.

On the occasion of this special day, at the beginning of the day, the social media has sent a tweet thanking everyone on Twitter. He did not make a mistake in tweeting his age.

And that’s why another discussion about Afridi’s age has naturally started. In a tweet, Afridi reminded everyone of his age once again. Wrote, ‘Today is 44! Thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday. My family and fans are my biggest asset. I am enjoying the game for Multan, I hope I can show some more match winning performances for Multan Sultans.

He informed himself that he has read 44. He was born in 198. But how many stories with this birth year!

A couple of years ago, he wrote an autobiography called ‘Game Changer’. He first wrote his birth year in the book in 1975. In other words, the registered age of Afridi is less than 5 years. According to the Pakistan Cricket Board, Afridi was born in 1970 and is 41 years old. He has the same account in his passport.

Afridi was 18 years old when he scored a 36-ball century (then the fastest ODI century) against Sri Lanka in 1998. Surprisingly, Afridi was shown as 21 years old on the TV screen in that match.

In other words, the year of birth that Afridi later wrote in his autobiography (1975) is similar to that age.

Later, when he started talking about this, he informed that there was something wrong in the first edition of the book. Which also includes this age-related complication. In the next edition of the same autobiography, Afridi wrote that he was 19 years old when he played that innings against Sri Lanka.

After two years, he tweeted on his birthday as if he supported the statement of the next edition. He informed everyone that his birth year was 8-A.

It remains to be seen how steadfast Afridi himself is in this position. Get more news from

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